Hardened Ethernet Hardened Ethernet
Requirements for Hardened Ethernet
In future, standardised, low-cost transmission technologies such as Industrial Ethernet and TCP/IP will increasingly be used in the close-to-machine process levels which were previously dominated by field bus systems such as Profibus, CAN, or Interbus. The prerequisite for this is hardened Ethernet components which are able to cope with harsh factory floor conditions, and operate there fault-free over the long term.
In addition to an IP 67 switch, an appropriately robust and compact M12 connector is required to guarantee reliable real time transmission with high availability. This results in reduced installation and wiring costs, by using switches directly in the field. But this demands the appropriate intelligent, manageable, hardened Ethernet switch products which are also able to provide redundancy mechanisms such as HIPER-Ring or network access control according to IEEE 802.1X.
With the new OCTOPUS family, the first manageable hardened Ethernet switch at the field level, Hirschmann offers the optimum solution. The OCTOPUS family has the necessary processing power to provide extended management by SNMP, as well as prioritisation and traffic shaping. This means that Industrial Ethernet with a full feature set can now be used in previously inaccessible places – without large-scale re-cabling.
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